Agriturismo Il Cavicchio

Agriturismo il Cavicchio: Via del Cavicchio 14 – 40067 Rastignano di Pianoro (Bologna)    Contatti: 051/

Who We Are

Who We Are – Agriturismo il Cavicchio in Bologna (Emilia Romagna - Italy)
Federico – Agriturismo il Cavicchio in Bologna (Emilia Romagna - Italy)


Hi, I am Federico!

I was born on Lake Como shores, from a Neapolitan mother and a Lombard father. I moved to Bologna hills in 1996. I did various different jobs, in agriculture and in other fields. Thanks to this, I was able to travel to many countries of the world. In 2003 I found this beautiful land to buy and transform into an agriturismo. With patience and perseverance, I am very proud of what Cavicchio has become.

I deeply respect our guests’ privacy, but, if there is the occasion, I love to talk and exchange ideas and stories with people I meet.

I love travelling, and, first of all, meeting people coming from different cultures: I’m lucky, Cavicchio keeps giving me such opportunity. I love reading; I have a passion for music, history and art. Walking and bike riding up and down Emilia Romagna hills and mountains is something I always appreciate. I am very fond of plants, and fascinated by these magnificent living beings.


It’s because of Viviana that I became a grampa. In fact, she is my first grandson Federico’s mother. The father is my son Giovanni. At first I hated her, I was 48 and I couldn’t see me as a grandfather. But since the very first moment that I held little Fede in my arms, I haven’t stopped thanking her.

Viviana worked 10 years in a fiscal expert office. Now she takes care of receiving guests, serving breakfast, accounting and Internet. More than anything else, she takes care of my impossible chaos. She adores travelling, reading, practising yoga and meditation: what a better place than Cavicchio, surrounded by its tranquillity?

Viviana – Agriturismo il Cavicchio in Bologna (Emilia Romagna - Italy)
Latifa – Agriturismo il Cavicchio in Bologna (Emilia Romagna - Italy)


Born in Casablanca, since 2004 Latifa is living in Pianoro with her husband and three beautiful children. Thanks to her you find everything clean and in order, both in the buildings and at the pool area.

When she talks about her work at Cavicchio, she loves to repeat: "When I come here to work, I feel at home with my family! For me, it’s like taking care of my own house!"

When she arrives in the mornings, her smile is for us a chant to optimism and vitality…